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Marvin Park Primary School offers Athletics as a summer sport during the first term only. We hold our annual Athletics Day a few weeks after the start of the school year with a full programme of events. All types of athletic activities are encouraged, including high and long jump, shot put, ball throwing, plus running (sprints and long distance) and hurdles.A selection of learners from Grade 1 to 7 is included in the events to encourage participation and inter-house spirit.

Following the Inter-house Athletics Day the best athletes are selected to train for and participate in the annual Inter-school event .

Marvin Park Primary School is very proud on our learners who obtained Western Cape Colours in this sports.


Mini Cricket

Marvin Park Primary offers cricket as a summer extra-mural sport at all Grade levels.  u/7, u/8 and u/9  boys play mini-cricket once a week and we use this time to teach them basic skills with the focus always being on participation and enjoyment.Our goal is to teach the learners the basic skills of bowling, catching, batting and fielding. It is a great opportunity for the learners to develop their fine-motor and gross-motor skills.

Hard ball cricket begins at U10 level and this is where the boys’ real cricket careers begin. Currently, we have one u/11 and one u/13 team.

Cross Country 

As part of the winter sport programme at Marvin Park Primary, cross country continues to have strong support from many of the pupils.  Training happens anywhere from the beaches of Macassar to the Macassar Dunes to the school yard, providing our athletes with a good challenge to prepare their muscles for the inter-schools events that take place weekly at a variety of different locations. The inter-schools events happen weekly, each being hosted by a different school and held at a new venue,  allowing our learners to meet and compete against children from many different schools.



Rugby is a winter sport played during Terms 2 & 3 (April - September). It is a very popular sport with two teams being represented in each age group. We have 14 teams in total from u/7 to u/13. Matches are played every Wednesday afternoon with lots of healthy rivalry between the local schools.
Marvin Park Primary School has 14 teams from u/7 to u/13, who play weekly matches.
  • The netball season starts at the end of the first term and ends in September, during the third term.

  • Practises take place in the afternoon .Please consult the extra-mural programme for times.

  • League matches are played on Wednesday afternoons.  We aim to provide matches for all our teams.

  • Teams are selected on merit. We select players upon ability and aim to develop their skills throughout the season.

  • Mini-netball is played by u/7 – u/9 (Gr.1 – 3).  

  • Netball is played by u/10 – u/13 (Gr. 4 – 7). 



Marvin Park Primary School  have three soccer age groups, u/9, u/11, and u/13. We have soccer for both boys and girls. Practices take place on an afternoon and matches are played each week.



Chess is a wonderful extra mural where your child is able to develop essential cognitive and practical skills such as logic, collaboration, discipline, attention to detail and analysation.

Marvin Park Primary is proud to offer this sport to the learners of this school.We are register with the WP Chess league, which allows us to play against schools in our area and in surrounding areas.

Research has shown that the game – which is already part of the curriculum in some nations – can dramatically improve pupils’ levels of concentration, boost problem-solving skills and develop their thought processes.

Pupils as young as seven should be given compulsory lessons in chess amid claims it boosts concentration levels, numeracy and reading comprehension, according to a teachers’ leader.

Volley Ball

Marvin Park has two u/13 Volley Ball teams (Boys and Girls) that takes part in the volley ball league Western Province School Sports Union.

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