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Internal School Rules

  1.   School attendance is compulsory. When a learner has been absent a note from the parent/guardian                explaining his/her absensence must be sent to the grade educator.

  2.   General neatness is very important. Hair, nails and clothes must always be kept clean. All pupils will be    checked regularly and any problems will be reported to the parents.

  3.   No jewellery is to be worn by the learners. Girls may wear small plain studs or sleepers. Watches are        worn at the learner’s own risk. Medic Alert discs are not regarded as jewellery.

  4.   No learner is allowed to leave the school grounds during official school hours without the permission of    the Principal or the Deputy Principal.

  5.   Parent attendance at school functions and Parent Educator evenings and SGB Meetings is greatly desired.

  6.   All bags and clothes must be clearly marked with the owner’s name, preferably in a discreet place.

  7.   All learners will be well behaved during school hours as well as after school hours. Swearing, fighting      and stone throwing will not be tolerated.

  8.   No learner is to enter the school building in the mornings before the bell has rung, except to visit the            toilet or on rainy days, without the permission of an educator.

  9.  The front entrance is not to be used by the learners except when they are arriving late and need to report     to the front office. When they are ill, their parents may collect them at the front entrance.

  10.   Inside the building the following ruling applies while learners are moving in the passages: “No running,      no talking or shouting and no bumping”. This is to ensure the safety of all our learners, and to ensure that      other classes taking place are not unduly disturbed.

  11.              The following behaviours are not permitted:

  • stealing, bullying, name-calling, spitting, negative religious/racial remarks.

  • obscene language

  • defacing of school property/ graffiti

  • any behaviour which would be regarded as a criminal act in terms of SA law

  • Throwing, or use of hard balls other than during an official practice or game

  • Throwing of sticks and stones

​12.             The following are not permitted:

  • smoking

  • drug taking

  • consumption of alcoholic drink

13.            Cell phones brought to the school by learners must be handed in to the office or the class educator and                         will be returned to the learners at the end of the school day. Should a learner not hand in his/her cell                           phone, the school will not be held liable should it be stolen.

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