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Marvin Park Primary School is proud to associate themselves with the following organizations who are helping with much needed funds, expertise and dedication.

1. IMIBALA for sponsoring the arts,ballet, school clothing and online programme "GREENSHOOTS" , to develop              Mathematical skills of our Grade 4-6 learners.

2. Dr. BALTUS for sponsoring various recreational programmes through IMIBALA.

2. GAIL HATTINGH BALLET SCHOOL for offering ballet classes to our learners through IMIBALA.

3. MUSAIC SCHOOL OF MUSIC for training our school choir.

4. HELDERBERG SUNRISE ROTARY CLUB for sponsoring the basic literacy and numeracy  programme for the Grades      1-4 learners.

5. GATEWAY METAL WORKS for various sponsorships and for powering our school bus.

6. GREENPOP NGO for sponoring trees and training teachers to care for this trees and plants.

7. WESSA ECO-SCHOOLS organisation for their support in environmental learning in the classroom.

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