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FOUNDATION PHASE : Grade R - Grade 3


Every learner who attends The Foundation Phase of Marvin Park School is unique and special.  Each is seen as an individual.  It is every learner’s right to be educated in a safe and intellectually stimulating environment.  Their physical, social and emotional wellbeing is of paramount importance to us, thus enabling personal growth.

The National Curriculum Policy Statements is followed and the content is structured around the learner’s interests and experience of the world.  In the classroom, the teacher is the instrument through which the learner’s natural inquisitiveness is nurtured.

The teacher is the source of knowledge and supplies the tools to acquire new knowledge, in order to progress.  This learner centred approach leads to motivated learners, whose natural curiosity stimulates a passion for learning, resulting in active, relaxed education.

Critical thinking, problem solving and respect, are part of the daily school activities.  This, in turn, enables our children to become fully integrated into society and meet the challenges set before them.

Grade 3
Grade 3
Grade 3
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